Ben Standefer is a singer-songwriter based in San Francisco, California.  He grew up in Texas playing music every week at church.  He’s learned to play a bit of everything including drums, guitar, bass, pedal steel guitar, keyboard, pots and pans.  After years of listening to a questionable mix of Nelly, pop-punk, and 70’s country, he realized songwriting and originality were the most important aspects of music.  He set out on a mission to become a prolific songwriter.  His hero is Texas country die-hard Robert Earl Keen, who has been writing and releasing music consistently for 30 years.

Ben’s debut release, Where We Go, is the initial breakthrough in a long road ahead, full of many songs.

While not rocking, Ben enjoys computers, long-distance running, snowboarding, beer, and eating tacos.  It’s a pretty simple formula, really.

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